hey everyone!

here is a list of movies that have changed a bit the way I see life, the kind of movies I won't forget

- A walk to remember (2002)

starring Mandy Moore and Shane West

This movie is my favorite one ever. It taught me that we never really know someone's story, we don't know what every person is going through that's the main reason we shouldn't judge them. It taught me how powerful hope can be. This movie is very inspirational, even if it's a fiction, it makes you want to be a better person, the best version of yourself.

- Tomorrowland (2015)

starring Britt Robertson, George Clooney and Hugh Laurie

Actually this movie made me realize one thing: movies can influence the way you see life and the future without us noticing it. I never realized how powerful a movie could be until I saw this one.

- Brokeback Mountain (2005)

starring Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal

This movie is a masterpiece! It makes you realize how people's opinion can affect other people's life.

- Slumdog Millionaire & Lion (2008 & 2016)

starring Dev Patel

The main actor in these 2 movies is the amazing Dev Patel.
It relates people in indian slums' life, and it reminds us how lucky we are to live in a place where we have everything to live correctly.

- Before I fall (2017)

starring Zoey Deutch

I first read the book, and it left me speechless. At the beginning I thought it was a movie full of cliches, but I was nicely suprised. I recommand you to read the book first, but the movie respects perfecly the story as it is written in the book! The main lesson in this movie/book is to respect other people, and even if we know it deep inside, it's beautiful to see a movie spreading so much love.

- Forrest Gump (1994)

starring Tom Hanks and Robin Wright

How I felt after watching this movie is hard to explain. Just go watch it:)

and of course there are interstellar, lucy, and I heard a lot of good things about donnie darko and fight club maybe you would like to check this out!

here it is, hope you liked it!
have a good day guys!