i smell the air and i can feel the spring breeze down my skirt but i don't mind. The coffee is cold now and the grass is kinda cold but the sun is so beautiful that i can't stop looking at it.

The houses with all these colors and their small balconies with the flowers.
The lights on the streets and these small shops with their tables.
With people. They laugh, they are alone, they eat or drink, they are looking at me cause im a lonely girl who goes around the town and i smile to everyone.
I smile to them cause i want to have a friend for a second. For a second as i pass by them.

Italy is a lovely place to be. It's like you are somewhere different and not on earth.
Maybe paradise.

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And i go, i go , i go... i watch the busy streets full of people, cars and bicycles and i think of the days where i was studying or cleaning.
Now i can't do those things.
Now i'm not a person.
Now i am a traveler.
Now i can smell the air better, i can sleep better, i can love better, i can gaze better.

And it's so beautiful that i can be free. Alone and somewhere else.

And as i walk and meander around the alleys i feel my body weak and i am falling behind.

And after that i'm looking at my ceiling and the sun is trying to penetrate my curtains.

Oh brain, what a dream...

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woke up in your new apartment in your twin sized bed coffee starting -neoflesh (coffee breath)