Now it's over,
we pull more toward each other,
I understand now what people mean by taking a break,
it feels good to take care of myself,
but for us it isn't a break,
you will not come back to me,
we are not we anymore,
now we are not we anymore,
we are changing,
we can talk to each other like normal people,
and because of that i can't stop thinking about you,
my feelings have never left,
but you told me you no longer had feelings for me,
but still you act like this was a lie,
that hurt me way more than I expected,
and now we are no longer together,
there is nothing I want more than being alone with you,
I know it's better because you didn't understand me,
yet you are all I want,
you are the person who always makes me laugh,
you are the person I will never forget,
you will always have a special place in my heart