Music, movies and shows I've enjoyed lately

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Dean's new single
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Sunmi - Heroine
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I love Camila's solo album, my favorite tracks are Real Friends and In The Dark!
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Exo's Universe album, my fave track is Fall!
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Blue Madonna by BORNS, his music is so good if you haven't listened to him before check him out! This is his 2nd album!

Movies: I haven't seen anything new this month :(

Tv Shows:

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I'm late to the hype lol but I started watching teen wolf and I really love it so far
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The end of the fucking world! This new Netflix show doesn't have many episodes and it's pretty short I watched it in a day lol, and that ending of the season?!!!! oh my
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Gilmore Girls,this show is simple yet I like it a lot, I can relate to Rory's love of books and coffee haha

this was short, I guess I have to try more things😅.