All of my favourite songs from this month, some are throwbacks and some aren't. Some might not be everyone's cup of tea but I like them so...
I feel like just listing the songs might be a little boring so I'm going to try and explain why I like the songs. Hope you enjoy reading :) Please let me know what other kinds of articles you'd like to see :)

Oxygen - Catfish & The Bottlemen

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I absolutely love Catfish! They have some of the best lyricism of any band in recent history (in my opinion anyway). I mean any band that can use "She tends to obfuscate when it’s black and white" and still have it make sense, then they're clearly a good band.

Faking it - Calvin Harris, Kehlani & Lil Yachty

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This song is so chilled yet it has so much meaning. I feel like I can relate to this song and just vibe to it and I love that. When I listen to it I just remember past relationships and instead of being sad it makes me feel sort of positive I suppose. Obviously, it might not be the same for everyone.

The Reflex - Duran Duran

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This song has always been a favourite of mine, ever since I was young. Every time I hear this song it reminds me of my childhood and it has a load of memories attached.

Outsiders - Au/Ra

Probably one of my favourite songs this month. This song reminds me of Cool kids by Echosmith. It's such a chilled out song, I feel it's about the 'outsiders' claiming the title from the so-called 'in-crowd'. I guess I identify with this as I sort of feel like an outsider myself at times.

Little by little - Oasis

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This song is fairly depressing and does always lead me to sort of drift into my thoughts, nevertheless, it's a great song and the lyrics are just impeccable 'We don't claim to be perfect but we're free'.

Wake up - Black Veil Brides

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This song, in my opinion, is great and very important in this world at this point in time. BVB have made a great comeback.

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