yeah um this is kinda my first try at writing an article thing, and i thought i could share my favourite albums of 2017 (tho all of them weren't released in 2017 but that's when i discovered them so).
here we go [not in any particular order]

Radical Face: SunnMoonnEclippse (EP)

Brick + Mortar: Dropped Again (EP)

Arcade Fire: Everything Now

The Districts: Popular Manipulations

aesthetic, art, and cover image

Mother Mother: No Culture

cover, music, and pale image

Karnaboy: Feathers Fallling in Slow Motion

aesthetic, art, and cover image

Bad Bad Hats: Psychic Reader

aesthetic, indie, and music image

Los Campesinos!: Sick Scenes

aesthetic, illustration, and indie image

Chad Vangaalen: Light Information

Laptop Funeral: Pretty Punk

aesthetic, cover, and electronic image

Sleeping At Last: Atlas: Intelligence (EP)

aesthetic, art, and sleeping at last image

Typhoon: Floodplains

aesthetic, dark, and indie image

okAy, well i hope some people will maybe like these too and thanks if you scrolled this thing this far wow