Hey guys it's Aya again and I am back with part two of beautiful places in my country actually I didn't manage to do another part ever but I saw how a lot of people reacted to part one and I said why not show you another 5 charming cities and places ..I had other ideas for articles but I say why not show people the real EGYPT.



So maybe many people haven't seen the oasis in Egypt and how it looks like ...there is so many oasis in Egypt but the the most popular oasis is SIWA ..

Its fame lies primarily in its ancient role as the home to an oracle of Ammon, the ruins of which are a popular tourist attraction which gave the oasis its ancient name Ammonium. Historically, it is part of Ancient Libya….And here is some pic of the siwa oasis:

ٍshali - siwa oasis image
siwa oasis image
beauty, desert, and egypt image
egypt, nature, and siwa oasis image



okay after the journey to siwa oasis let me take you to the deserts ...Egypt has 9 deserts and they are all popular ..I will show you some pic of it:

africa, camel, and civilization image
Enjoying a spectacular desert sunset in Egypt
castle, egypt, and jordan image
Taba, Sinai, Egypt.
beauty, egypt, and dahab image
egypt, lake, and safari image
egypt safari tours, safari trips egypt, and egypt safari trips image
Sunset at the White Desert in Egypt
egypt safari tours, safari trips egypt, and egypt safari trips image
White desert
egypt safari tours, safari trips egypt, and egypt safari trips image
The black desert


So now here is the city that is considered

to be one of Sinai's most treasured diving destinations and it's Dahab city:

Masbat (within Dahab) is a popular diving destination, and there are many (50+) dive centers located within Dahab. Most of Dahab's diving spots are shore dives:
okay I will gonna be extra in the pictures in this city because I have to give this city it's worth so here we go<<<<<<<<<<<

dahab tours packages, dahab trips packages, and dahab excursions packages image
The blue hole in dahab
Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Snorkling in the blue hole

so I have some little photos I wanna share it with you I haven't put them in the first article cause I have just found them..i know iam a little messy but here we go:

adorable, amazing, and castle image
Montazah palace
egypt, pyramid, and camel image

At the end I hope this article gets your admiration I really enjoyed writing this article ....and thanks for reading
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