Dear diary.
Today is january 22 and i'm feeling awful like i always do.
I was in school today where i needed to act like everything was fine even though that i'm dying a little more inside every day.
i have had depression for two years now i and it has only been getting worse.

My grandpa is also have depression now and is also suffering from cancer , he will probably die in a couple of weeks. My mom is stressed and my dad had taken on a vacation to sweden in a couple of days but it is fine.

My family doesn't really like me , they say that i'm the bad child and when i get older i probably will be doing drugs and stealing cars and shit but like yes i have done some stupid things but i can change, i will change.

The only thing that makes me happy at the moment and make me not wanna kill myself is my boyfriend, but it's really sad because my family thinks he is to old for me and that he
lives to long away. He is 2 and a half year older than me and lives aronde 2 hours away. i haven't seen him for 2 weeks now and i really miss him.
now i will go take a shower or a nap and forget about my shity life for a moment.

Thank you for listening.
btw , sorry for my english but i'm just a girl from denmark who is trying my best to eksplan my shity fellings and life.