logic, bobby, and rapper image


January 22, Happy Birthday!! He is turning 27!

ariana grande, frankie grande, and brothers image

Frankie Grande

January 24. He is turning 35!

oscar, ellen, and funny image

Ellen DeGeneres

January 26. She is turning 60!

fashion, makeup, and tubetop image

Ariel Winter

January 28. She is turning 20!


Harry Styles image

Harry Styles

February 1. He is turning 24!

hannah and hannah stocking image

Hannah Stocking

February 4. She is turning 26!

ed sheeran, guitar, and music image

Ed Sheeran

February 17. He is turning 27!

sag awards, stranger things, and millie bobby brown image

Millie Bobby Brown

February 19. She is turning 14!

rihanna and riri image


February 20. She is turning 30!


justin bieber, justin, and smile image

Justin Bieber

March 1, one day before my Birthday! He is turning 25!

camila cabello image

Camila Cabello

March 3 a day after my B-day! She is turning 21!

brooklyn beckham, beckham, and boy image

Brooklyn Beckham

March 4. He is turning 19!

Image by ✿.。.:* ☆:**:. 𝒫𝒶𝓉𝓇𝒾 .:**:.☆*.:。.✿

Madison Beer

March 5. She is turning 19!

Image by ayat_almusawi

Zoe Sugg

March 28. She is turning 28!

liza koshy, youtube, and smile image

Liza Koshy

March 31. She is turning 22!


Image by _Emma_

Emma Watson

April 15. She is turning 28!

loren gray image

Loren Gray

April 19. She is turning 16.


debby ryan, celebrity, and pretty image

Debby Ryan

May 13. She is turning 25!

kendall jenner and scott disick image

Scott Disick

May 26. He is turning 35!