About seven years ago my mom was diagnosed with cancer. Immediatetly after she was diagnosed all our family visited us. It was so busy in our house, everyone was crying. And believe me if I say that it's the worst to see you mom cry with her parents and sisters. It's heartbreaking. In the beginning she had already told us that she would rather got euthanasia then to end up laying in bed all day long. Because of multiple chemo's my mom wasn't able to do all the things she used to do anymore. She couldn't golf anymore, she was too tired to go shopping, and she was even too tired to walk with the dog. Me, my brother and sister had to do more in the house, walk the dog, clean the dishes, do the laundry and sometimes even go to the supermarket to get groceries. In the beginning I really thought why are you acting so overdone. But later I realized that she just couldn't do it any more. She was going downhill. About nine months ago she told use that she was not able to live anymore. She was always such a happy person who just wanted to do stuff, visit place and go out for dinner. She told us that she was going to leave us. And all of us were respecting her choice. We would always got her back. Exactly eight months ago my mom died.

My mom was the greatest person I know. She will always be my inspiration. And I am sorry how unkind I sometimes acted to her.

I want you to know, the one reading this, be kind to your family members. Go out if that's possible, watch a movie together or just talk about whatever you want. But remember that you have to do it now because u will never know when it is too late.

Kisses Mariël

PS: I am from the Netherlands so sorry if my English is not flawless :)