This is all very new to me, I don't really know where to start! Today I am gonna talk about my top five Tv show. When I talk with someone about my series I can't choose one, I have so muuuuuuuuuuuch series! So I will try !


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This TV show is one of the best I have ever watch! Yes sometimes it goes a little "cliché" but still. The characters are super nice and you get attached to them way too fast! Plus, the heroine is a girl so it shows that girls can also save life!


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This is a new show that came out this year produced by FOX. The thing is that 2 kids discover they are mutants and are in fact very powerful. Except that they live in a world where mutants are killed and persecuted. Their parents do everything to save them. Then they join the "Mutant underground" a group of mutants.
This tv show has so much potential! Good actors, good storyline, good special effect everything. At first I was skeptical about this and was afraid that it will be always the same. But they totally broke the laws of series and cliché and I love that! You should give it a try.


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Not very original, Riverdale come at the third place in my top 5. No need to say anything about the storyline I think everyone knows it! I like this show because the intrigue is good but it last only one season or a few episode. I was hoping at the beginning that it wouldn't do like PLL: have same plot all over again. But no, and that's good. I hope it continues like that until the end.


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Yes I wanna cry when I see this scene

Just like Riverdale, it's not very original. But you have to admit that this series is one of the best! I'll agree with you that it's very hard to watch and it hurts a lot but when you start, you can't stop. This Tv show talks about problems of everyday like bullying, internet, sexuality and that's why I love it. I highly recommend it.


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And the first is Teen wolf. I think it has always been my favorite show and it's always gonna be. Good acting, good storylines, good EVERYTHING! I have literally no words to describe it ! If you have never watched, you got to watch it!

Of course there is a lot of other shows that I love but I couldn't fit them all in this article! Thanks for reading♥