WHAT are you living for? OR WHO. Are you living for?

WHAT is living for you? OR WHO. Is living for you?

Know your worth. Know.
OR you'll break.

What's giving you joy?
What helps you when nothing else does?
Who is there when nobody else is?
What is the reason you are still here. breathing?
Seek for that. Seek for the reason.

Seek that which seeks you.

You, knowingly, or not, are seeking the one that seeks you.

Who would give absolutely everything, do absolutely anything for you?

WHO wouldn't judge? Ever. Under any condition.

Who is worth of you?

What saves your life, always, what gives everything for you?

Well, THAT is the one you should glorify. That's the one you shall breath for. That is the one, the only one, who can tell you the commands. Any command. Because THAT trusts you that no matter what you will be obedient.
And be, obedient. Perfectly. But don't be stupid. Don't underestimate yourself.

I shall seek the one that is seeking me.
Who is that?
Ask yourself.
Who is really, really worth of you?

Dear, let me tell you the secret you're too shy to grasp.
No Body. No person. Think. Think, what is there? Always?

The one that is seeking you.
Some thing does.
Seek that thing.
And you shall be joyful.
And the thing shall be joyful, too.
Because life, my dear, life is a love story.
A love story between you two.

Are you alreadly confused? Because I am, too.

Lets try the other way.
WHAT or WHO is that one that you give everything to?

WAIT. who sees you when you are invisible?