1 | Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

kdrama and strong woman do bong soon image kdrama, couple, and park boyoung image
This drama is great if you're looking for some laugh and a cute romance!

2 | Signal

Image by lliiffee drama, signal, and life image
Manmanmanman this is one of the greatest crime/detective k-drama out there. I'd definitely recommend this a thousand times.

3 | Healer

kdrama, healer, and kbs image gif image
M U S T. W A T C H .

4 | Fight For My Way

Image by Galu kdrama, fight my way, and ssam maiwei image
IF you're looking for a good laugh and some romance, then I definitely recommend this. (Personally, I put this drama and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon on the same tier)

5 | Let's Fight Ghost

2PM, ok taecyeon, and kim sohyun image kdrama and let's fight ghost image
Looking for some mild~ horror? Check this out. (It's not that scary, I swear) I'm not even sure if it's horror at all.

6 | While You Were Sleeping

beautiful, gif, and korean girls image animals, batman, and dog image
Honestly I don't know what else to say except give it a shot. The OSTs are LIT! You'll probably regret not watching this. Probably.

7 | Descendants Of The Sun

descendants of the sun, song hye kyo, and drama image captain, dots, and soldier image
I used to put this drama off for so long cause I felt that it was 'eh', but when I did get around to watching it, I couldn't stop clicking 'next episode'. Was a bit unsatisfied with the ending though, but that's just me. Overall, it's a really great drama.

8 | Goblin

goblin, kdrama, and gong yoo image goblin and kdrama image
This is one of my absolute favorites. Nice combination of drama, romance, and humor. Bro, you really need to watch this.