Hi guys! If you don’t know yet, i’ll tell you now. My We Heart it account have a big problem: when i’m searching myself the app say “Nothing founded”. It’s like my account doesn’t exist. I lose 2 months for nothing. I send a feedback to the app, with the hope “glitch will be fixed” . I’ll waiting until the next update. In next weeks i’ll post just a few images, because this work is stupid, cause’ my account doesn’t exist and i’m very angry for that!
If the problem will be fixed, i’ll post a lot of pictures like last days,but just the problem will be fixed fast.
I decided to own a PINTEREST account , so please guys follow me there because i’ll be very active there, cause in that app my account EXIST!
My name is Vogue and the username (which is under the name) is Vogue _Girl. Please follow me there i’m sure you won’t regret because there you’ll find what kind of pictures you want. My photo profile is with 2 girls. Thanks guys for all the suport i have received in this app. I promise i won’t give up, but i hope this glitch will be fixed cause this affect my future on this platform.I hope it’ll be fixed very soon. Next posts soon! And please don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest. The name and the username are at the middle of the article.