Hiii! Here I am again!
As I explained before from this moment the challange begins!
For those who did not follow the recent article, here is the link:

The first question is:

List 20 random facts about yourself.
Let's go!

1. My real name is Federica and I'm an Italian girl.

2. I love manga and anime and one of my hobbies is drawing manga

3. One of my biggest dreams is travel the world, but the first place I want to travel is Japan (obviously)

4. I love K-pop music and I'm an ARMY, BTS's fan, that is my favorite boy group

5. I recently discovered I was bisexual, I love girls as much as I love boys.

6. I'm a lunatic person, I can change my mood at any moment. (No, I'm not crazy)

7. Woow! Seven is my favorite number. It characterizes me in many ways.

8. I have a cat. Her name is Perla and she looks like Pusheen :3

9. I have an older sister and a younger sister. I am between them.

10. I follow a healthy diet and I rarely give myself a break from the rule.

11. I relly love flowers! My favorites are roses, orchids, lilies and sunflowers.

12. One of my passion is fashion. I attended fashion school for a while.

13. Pizza and sushi are my favorite foods! I'm obsessed with them.

14. I wear glasses, but I do not like wearing them all the time.

15. My favorite color is the shades of blue.

16. I like reading, especially poems.

17. I drink 5 herbal teas a day every day

18. I live in a seaside town. It's wonderful!

19. I like to do a lot of selfies. My cellphone is full of it.

20. I'm still a student. I attend the fourth year of high school.

Good! For today it's all! I had a lot of fun, I hope it was the same for you.
See you tomorrow with the second part.
Bye bye!