1. Surround yourself with different people.

Finding the right people might be difficult but you just have to keep looking, it took me 6 years but its gunna take more shit than what anyone said to me in them 6 years to bring me down now! It might sound silly but because of the people i had surrounded myself with in college i had very little to no confidence and if i did slowly build up some confidence it could be torn down very easily, just a look could do it! But now im at college im so much more confident that i walk straight through that crowd of youths i once crossed the road for. Believe me as much as youd hate to think it, alot of your self confidence depends on the people around you.

2. Cleanse your face.

The better your skin is the more confident you are going to be about your looks! I dont mean to be stuck up but i have really good skin for a 16 year old girl and it makes me feel so much more better about myself. Its another silly one but if you just take care of yourself it boosts your mood incredibly. All i can suggest is a gentle facewash for twice a day, a good exfoliator for about three times a week and i nice fruity facemack to wind down with once a week.

3. EXERCISE!!! and drink lots of water!

Exercise releases the chemical called Dopamine in to the brain, which is needed for happiness and pleasure, it makes you less stressed out and eases your anxiety. All these are keys to a happier you that you may find easier to love yourself, im not saying these are factors that mean you should, but i know these are factors that make it hard to. Also, once you see progress from the exercise you have been doing you will start to feel better and will have more body confidence.

4. Get a hobbie.

Dedicating yourself to something will gove you a sense of self worth. For me, my new hobbie is these articles to try and help someone because i have found myself a place where i am happy with where/what/who i am/have become and i know that that is difficult for some people. Even going to visit your local museums or art galleries on a weekend gives you something to do and a reason to get out of the house.

Keep up the good work, youre doing great.