Hi everyone!

Todays challenge is to write about 5 places you want to visit.
Hope you enjoy the read.

1. The first place i want to visit is New York.
Just looking at pictures makes me so happy because it is such a beautiful city, and the fact that i love gossip girl doens´t make it better.

city, light, and night image city, street, and new york image

2. The second place I want to visit are the maldives islands. They are just magically beautiful.

beach, boats, and diving image conrad, hilton, and Rangali Island image

3. The third place I would like to visit is Paris or Monaco.
Paris because of gossip girl and Monaco because, look at the lives that Jon and Janni are living. heart eye emoji

Image removed europe, traveling, and wanderlust image

4. The fourth place I would like to visit is London. I am visiting london soon actually, hopefully this year and I am beyond excited.

london, travel, and england image travel, vintage, and Kings Cross image

5. The fith place I would like to visit is Brighton. It´s beautiful and it´s location is by the sea, oh how I love to look at the sea.

arcade, beach, and brighton image beautiful, brighton, and memories image

And that was the 5 places I would like to visit. Hope you liked it and I will see you tomorrow.