I've known you for about a year and a half, we're best friends, right? But before that, what were we? When I first met you I hated you so bad, but you were friends with my friends so I had to be your friend. We would only see each other at lunch, but then they moved you to my classroom.

From what I remember we flirted, in fact we flirted a lot. I remember you always had the urge to say the most inappropriate things, and to be honest they were quite nice to hear because nobody ever talked to me in that way. Everybody would think that you and I were a "thing". We always turned them down, but then you started asking me out with everybody, we would go out as a group, but you spent most of your time with me.

So how is it that I was the only one that felt that spark? How is it that you told me that you never felt that for me? In a way you broke me into pieces even tho we were never together, apparently we were just good friends. In this moment your the most important thing in my life, I love you with all my heart but I learned that I can never love you in that way. I still think that you and I are meant to be, I get this feeling as if you and I are going to be something in the future. Everybody tells me that you and I would be a great couple, but you will never see that because we are so different, and while I'm here writing this you're probably thinking about the girl that you love, but she doesn't love you.