hi guys. so i just want to let all my feelings out. i'll probably be doing this a lot so sorry.

so recently i've kinda fallen into a state of depression over somebody. i know stupid. but like this person was my best friend. lets call this person blue. so blue broke up with me cause they were "pushing me away" when literally we talked everyday. but i was so upset.

so after that we didn't talk for awhile. then it was christmas. mind you we broke up the day before christmas eve. i was posting on my snap chat about my family and they decided to text me. it was kinda awkward in the beginning but then it was kinda nice. after that we didn't talk for like 2-3 weeks.

so then like the past week we've been having small talk. i really have been missing blue. so the other day blue texted me saying how they wanted to be my friend but it was really hard. i was so confused because i thought they didn't like me and moved on. so blue was saying how they missed me but knew we wouldn't work out together.

so my next thing is going to get confusing. I'm in this gc with blue and friends of blue. when blue and this other person (lets call it cheese) so cheese and blue were talking about how they wanted to FaceTime and how they missed each other. i was just sitting there so confused because you shouldn't just tell someone you miss them then go and do that.

well yesterday one of exs who is as well my best friend came back from the dead. as in he got his phone taken away for a year. rip. but we facetimed and it was really nice :)

thanks if you actually read this lmao.