millions of people watch Netflix.

but do you ever get board re-watching the same show because you don't know what to watch next?

i know i do. so here is a list of my current favorite Netflix shows and movies. you probably seen all of these but oh well.

1. the vampire diaries

love, kiss, and couple image paul wesley, the vampire diaries, and stefan salvatore image stelena, elena, and stefan image Image by Łěñä Îýåď
this show is amazing. even if you're not into supernatural events, this show is full of drama and romance. it is a wild show that keeps you on the edge of your seat. you also get the benefits to see a hot paul wesley get hotter!

2. grey's anatomy

grey's anatomy, mark sloan, and owen hunt image grey's anatomy, love, and meredith grey image grey's anatomy, meredith grey, and friends image grey's anatomy, grey, and meredith image
yes, i am aware that there are currently 14 seasons. tbh i am only on season 7. but this show is amazing! there is drama, romance, medical, it can be an emotional roller coaster. warning, you will get addicted to this show.

3. the office

the office, funny, and quotes image beyoncé, the office, and funny image funny, the office, and britney image the office, funny, and quotes image
this show is a hilarious show and i love it. i usually watch this show when i am in a bad mood or just board. it is so funny but cheesy. it is dry humor so not everyone will enjoy it.

4. Friends

friends, phoebe, and monica image friends, monica, and rachel image friends, pizza, and chandler image gif and friends image
classic show that i love so so much. i have watched all 10 seasons and i am rewatching episodes. the show has some hilarious iconic scenes. having a bad day? watch Friends.

5. Stranger Things

gif, steve harrington, and tv show image stranger things, finn wolfhard, and eleven image stranger things, finn wolfhard, and noah schnapp image eleven image
this show is just amazing! it was happy, sad, scary, thriller. it had everything. i personally not a fan of horror but this was to good to stop watching. i love this show and the kid actors in it did an amazing job. warning, you will get addicted to watching this show.

so that was a pretty basic list of my personal favorites. i hope some of you enjoy these shows and you find a new love.