Hi everyone!! Welcome back to Day 2 of my writing challenge. Today I am going to write about something that someone told me about myself that I never forgot suspenseful music plays. In this case it's going to be a memory of when I was in high school.

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It was my last year in high school, "senior year" as we liked to call it. When a previous friend of mine (I say that because I no longer consider her one) came up to me and told me "good luck trying to graduate with our class, we all know you wont be able to." She had said this because I had a difficult sophomore and junior year since I had left and then went back to school due to my depression. However, I took night school and summer school classes the previous year and caught up to graduate with my class.

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In the end it was bittersweet because I graduated with my class, class of 2013. This ex friend ended up not graduating and having to repeat the same school year, who knows if she has graduated by now. I feel like this is a good learning experience that we can all learn from. Be nice and stay humble. Sending positive vibes your way, xo elipoise.

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