Hi all,

As I received a rather good review from my other article 'Bucket List' as I promised I would do a part two.

Hope you find some inspiration.

kids, babe, and baby image goals, rich, and funny image
1) Be an Aunt.
drive, before i die, and bucket list image girl, vintage, and 90s image
2) Learn to drive.
dog, cute, and puppy image black, harry potter, and sirius image
3) Own a black dog and call him Sirius.
Calvin Klein, body, and fitness image abs and motivation image
4) Have abs.
nike, black, and outfit image
5) Get fit.
beauty, hairstyle, and brunette image blonde, curls, and vsco image
6) Grow my hair.
aurora, australia, and night sky image alternative, background, and black image
7) See the Southern Lights.
girl, window, and photography image Image by Venera
8) Sneak out.
aura, beach, and beautiful image sunrise and beach image
9) Watch the sunrise on a beach.
books, narnia, and the chronicles of narnia image books, coffee, and food image
10) Read the Narnia series.
bridesmaids, wedding, and dress image bridesmaid, dress, and fashion image
11) Be a bridesmaid.
adventure, art, and conquer image
12) Conquer a fear.