hey guys! so this is a playlist of songs i´ve been listening to this month. hope you enjoy :)
if you want to listen to the full playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/12138469785/playlist/70FqJ2Wou3d3QijokG0xRR?si=MtQ-UIy8SmqJmPVxuK0Ctw

1) one last song- sam smith
2) gold- eden
3) hurts so good- astrid s
4) sweet dreams- borns
5) bite my tongue- the beach
6) vienna- billy joel
7) don´t you (forget about me)- simple minds
8) love will tear us apart- joy division
9) thinkin bout you- frank ocean
10) crime- grey, scott
11) idgaf- dua lipa
12) my my my!- troye sivan
13) hallelujah- jeff buckley
14) who says were through- the band camino
15) oversentimental- the wldlf
16) surrender- walk the moon
17) a million dreams- ziv zaifman, hugh jackman
18) everything now- arcade fire