Hola! So many people does not know how to use/choose the right scrub for their skin and that can be dangerous. So for my first article i wanted to do this ''guide'' about how to choose/use a scrub:).

1. Know ur skin type

Choose one for your skin type. some people think that when a product says "for oily skin" it means that its for dry skin or viceversa, no!! if it says for oily skin its for oily skin. This situation is very common actually.

2. Do your research!!

Before buying it, research about the product, you can type on twitter the name, people use twitter to share their experience. It can save your face!! Also you can ask to someone you know about it.

3. Read the instructions!!

use hypoallergenic products
use non-comedogenic products

4. Dont massage too hard

Use the ring finger to massage and do it gently!

5. Read instructions again

Just to be sure!

6. Use it one or two times per week


7. Avoid contact with the eyes.

If it happens rinse inmediatly

8. Do not leave it for more than an hour.

So this was my first article, sorry if there are grammar mistakes! I hope you like it:)

note: Im not a dermatologist I wrote this article based on my experience and in some comments I read on twitter.

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