“I am learning the art of being soft but not weak, to be loving but not afraid, to be strong enough to let it go, but not to forget the lessons I learned.”

I think it's healthy to set goals every once in a while so you have something to work towards, with either difficulty or ease. So I have set up my own list of goals I want to achieve, and that will let me better myself. Of course, a better self is different for everyone. My better self is creative, healthy and has a positive outlook on life.

1. Bedroom Makeover

room, bedroom, and plants image bedroom, bed, and room image

Where I live has limited space, so I actually sleep in the attic. Don't worry, it's not at all bad. Not only do I have a lot of space, I have my own space which is all I ask for.
My room is pretty low on the decorative spectrum. It's boring, always messy. I plan to turn this around and give it a complete makeover, something new and bright.
So, the steps are as follows: paint the room yellow, construct a bed platform, get some plants (most likely succulents), put up some string lights. It's not anything huge, but I think it's a solid plan for now.

2. New Hair

hair, blonde, and hairstyle image hair, blonde, and hairstyle image

I've always cared much more about how my hair looks than anything else about my appearance. And I still do, but not the right way. It's suddenly occurred to me that my hair is not healthy.
I've been looking up tips and tricks to better care for my hair. Thankfully, I've had no use for heat in my hair so I haven't been using straighteners or curlers, and I've never really used a blowdryer anyway. Besides not putting heat in my hair, I'm going to take other measures: braiding it when going to sleep, brushing it before I wash it and again after it dries, putting oil on the ends to give it necessary nutrients, and drying it with an old shirt instead of a towel.
Plus, I plan to change the do.
I am blonde already, but I'm going to go lighter AND I will be cutting it short, a little above the shoulders.

3. Weight Loss

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I've always had a problem with losing weight, but that's because I've never committed to it seriously. I was doing track for a while and I did lose a lot of weight, but it could have been better if I was also eating right. And in truth, I was told by a doctor that my body type is just not skinny. So it's time I realize I'm never going to look like a tall model, and just accept myself and better myself.
I'm enrolled in a gym now and will be taking both cardio AND weights seriously. I will also change my diet so that I'm not eating as much red meat, processed foods and drinks, and drink lots more water.
I'm not going to set a time limit for myself because it's unnecessary pressure. But I will set this goal - to lose fifteen pounds.

4. Writing

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I already write a lot, the problem is that I write too much and on different things. I have different stories and projects and ideas, but I'll never finish one because I'll come up with another.
So my goal is to decide on a work and focus on only that one, and see it through and finish it. Like my weight loss goal, there isn't going to be a time limit, but I'm going to set daily missions to maybe finish a certain amount of pages per week or take certain days to edit.

5. Style

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I love buying clothes, but I am now twenty one and I don't have a style. And it just really sucks to me. Now, I don't want to limit it to something strict - like only wearing something preppy or something chic. I want to have a broad spectrum, but kind of have that one significant thing that defines me.
This being said, I want to try a whole array of mix and match, trying something new, getting rid of the old. I have a collection of outfits I like, but I mostly wear tights and hoodies lately and it's bummed me out pretty hard. So it's time for a shakeup.

These are my goals, my missions, my targets, whatever else that is synonymous with these things. They are what I will be working towards for however long I need to until I am happy and content and satisfied.

If you have any suggestions or things I should try out, feel free to reach out, all help is awesome.

And I definitely encourage everyone reading to try this. I, at this moment, am kind of in a rut, and if you are too then you should join me in my endeavor to liven our spirits.

And I will be updating on where I'm at every few weeks, maybe by the end of the month?

Thanks for reading, and thanks for liking in advance!