First tutorial I guess!
first of all... i am a pretty sensitive person and it is really hard for me to get over someone who i thought was a really special person. letting go is not easy for me.
in this article, i'll tell you how to get over someone quickly. i'm tired about telling other about my problems and bringing them into the problem, so lets be INDEPENDANT!

my apologize if there are some grammar errors

Step 1: Draw

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Draw about how you feel towards that person, draw out your emotions. Draw whatever you want, as long as it help you get over the person. Drawing everything out on paper will feel like everything you have been holding on inside, is finally being released onto the paper.

Step 2: Write

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If drawing is not your thing, you can always write about it. Writing allows you to put more detail about your emotions. When you write, no one is going to be looking or judging. so go crazy, write a page or two or more if you want. Be honest and let everything out.

Step 3: Listen to Music

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Studies say that when you listen to music you like, a chemical called dopamine is released. dopamine makes you feel happy and it's also involved in both motivation/ addiction. Music helps you destress so its super useful.

Might sound crazy but telling all of your emotions to the person you want to get over helps a lot if you want to get over them quicker. After confessing, it would feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off of your shoulders and you would feel proud that you had the courage to go up to that person and tell them everything!

done with my second WHI article! hopefully this helped you a bit. But if you just ever feel sad or depressed, just know that you are not the only one facing this. there are many other who are probably facing the same problems as you. but when darkness comes, just know that there will be light coming your way!

<3 <3 <3

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