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1. Moana

Moana has become a Disney classic even though it was only released in 2016. If you haven't seen it yet, it is about an adventurous teenager named Moana who sails the seas on an incredibly dangerous mission. She must overcome mental and physical challenges.
Reasons Moana is great

  • It stays mostly true to Polynesian myth
  • It's actually hilarious
  • The music is absolutely beautiful and awe-inspiring
  • Moana is strong and independent as a woman
  • She did not let anyone push her around and she, at least in this movie, doesn't jump into a relationship
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Moana, her pet pig Pua and chicken Heihei, baby Moana, and Moana and Maui

2. Hercules

While some may forget about it, Hercules is one of the best Disney movies out there. Made in 1997, the story is about the young Greek hero Hercules and how he searches for his place in life. He falls in love with a woman named Meg (short for Megara) who happens to be in league with his enemy, Hades.
Reasons Hercules is great

  • While it may not be accurate to Greek mythology, it inspires many people to actually look into it
  • The themes are beautiful and really stand out from other Disney movies of the girl gets the guy or they all lived happily ever after
  • Meg. That's all there really is to say
  • The inspirational quotes, songs, and morals are incredible
  • Hades is very funny and kinda relatable
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Teenage Hercules, Hades, Meg, and portrait of adult Hercules

3. Aladdin

Another great Disney movies from the 90's, 1992 to be specific, Aladdin is a spin on a classic Arabian tale. This movie follows a young beggar Aladdin and his monkey Abu as they go from rags to riches through magic and love. It also follows princess Jasmine, who must be legally married against her will. They must both fight defeat the villain Jafar.

Reasons Aladdin is great

  • Introducing at the time, I believe, the first new ethnicity into the Disney crew
  • Jasmine sticks up for herself and against players who just view her as a toy
  • The music is awesome
  • Iago, Jafar's sidekick bird, has some of the funniest lines in Disney history
  • This movie introduced us to a whole new world of movie magic
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Aladdin and Jasmine on the magic carpet, Aladdin with Genie and the lamp, Genie, and Aladdin and Jasmine

4. Coco

Coco came out in 2017 and has left me at least, shocked by how beautiful Disney movies. The young Mexican musician Miguel wishes to pursue music even though his family forbids it because of trauma from their past. On Día de los Muertos (in English: the Day of the Dead), Miguel tries to perform but ends up getting transported to the land of the dead where he meets his ancestors. He must overcome his past and return the the realm of the living before he actually dies.
Reasons Coco is great

  • This is possibly the most stunning animation in a Disney movie yet
  • Like Moana, the movie is almost completely true to Mexican culture
  • The beautiful message about loving family and looking out for others before yourself while still following your dreams is beautiful
  • Like every other movie on this list so far, the music is phenomenal
  • Most Disney movies do this anyway, but this one is especially touching and tear-jerking
Image by Diana_872014 coco and disney image coco, disney, and méxico image coco, miguel, and culture image

5. Brave

This 2012 movie is so amazing. It teaches that courage and independence are important, but so is loving your family even if they may seem like the bad guys. The impulsive Scottish princess Merida must be married off, but refuses to and basically destroys her family. In a wild adventure she must save her family and restore balance while still keeping her happiness.
Reasons Brave is great

  • Merida is a brave, strong, not very "girly" acting princess who sticks up for herself
  • I'm pretty sure she's also the first Disney princess with curly hair
  • This is mostly true to Scottish tradition
  • The mother-daughter story is one that many people can relate to
  • The opening song, Touch the Sky is beautiful
  • If Katniss didn't inspire you to take up archery, Merida will
brave, disney, and gif image brave, disney, and merida image brave, disney, and merida image brave, merida, and disney image
Merida, Merida in the Wisp Forest, Merida's family, and Merida eating

Honorable Mentions

  • The Lion King
  • Tangled
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Zootopia
  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire

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