This fashion is back to stay and is that many flee because they think they will look like a disco ball of the 80s.

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But with these little tips I will help you to see yourself divinely with sequins and not be ashamed.

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1. Neutral shoes

With beautiful heels / booties without glitters will highlight that beautiful dress of sequins that you have saved. Remember less is more, do not recharge your clothes as it gives a very vulgar look.

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As my idol Coco Chanel said ... "Simplicity is the key to true elegance".

2. Textures

Combining sequins with other pieces of clothing that are completely opposite, such as a shirt or cotton jersey, this is an effective method to create a harmonious contrast.

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* Tip: If the color of the clothes is the same as the sequin creating a total look, you will get a perfect combination.

3. Know how to combine the colors.

Black helps minimize the error rate. But it is not the only color you can use. There is a great variety that you must learn to combine them and not overload the appearance.

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4. Makeup
BLACK LIPS! Although it sounds crazy but yes, it is the best to choose a look with total sequins, either only black, vinotitnto, grape color. Darker better as it helps to minimize the game with makeup shadows.

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Never be afraid to try new things. Remember that you only live once and the amazing thing about fashion is that you can play with it however you want (but she should not play with you),

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F#cking clothes

Whether sequins or other material, do not be afraid to try it. This is how you are discovering your identity.

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To conclude another sentence of the legendary Coco Chanel...

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"Freedom is always elegant."

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