What a fool I am
Who am I trying to fool?
Seeing you standing over there with another girl
It hurts
Like millions of small pieces of glass penetrating my body
I laugh
A sad laugh
What a fool I am
I was planning to give my heart to you
Why do I feel like this?
Where you ever mine?
Was it ever us?
I'll blame you as the fool I am
I say it's your fault
But it's me
Who wants to cope with me?
Who was I to you?
I was only the lipstick stain on your shirt
The hole in your jeans
The drugs you took just to feel better and set off
The one on the side
The one you were always trying to hide
Always looking at me
With your charming and lurking smile
With your tight white shirt and curly hairstyle
I look down on my hands, trembling
Missing your hair around my fingers
Missing your warm skin along my fingertips
That lingering feeling...
That lingering feeling I only felt with you
For you
Now I'm standing here
Like a fool
Watching you

Saw you guys liked my last poem, but lately I've been busy with school and crap but here's something little. Hope it helps and if ur reading this I wish u the best for all of u💕💖💓💗💞 cuz i'm feelin like shit rn, lol