Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.

In this society that we have built around us, its becoming harder and harder to stand out, but standing out is also the easiest way to get what you want. If you're a woman then it isn't that difficult to attract the attention of others, but always be ready to turn down any unwanted attention. Our looks are there for a reason, and we shouldn't be ashamed to use them in order to get what we want or to make us feel better.

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1. Hair

Having great hair is the secret to everything. In almost everybody's head, great hear means expensive and rich. Being who we are, taking care of our hair comes with the menu, but even then, most of the time we don't take care of it as we should. So here's my advice; find a nice salon, pick the best stylist there and walk in with nothing on your agenda and a full wallet. You hair needs time and money, think of it as an investment. Get your hair done before interviews, dates and anything that matters to you. Since most people will see you as a product, why not play the game?

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2. Skin

Thankfully, the secret to perfect skin isn't as expensive as for the hair. Although most skin products can be quite expensive, there are many DIY projects you can make, customizing your own mixtures depending on how your skin is feeling. Get facials, get laser, visit your dermatologist. Take care of your skin, you only got one.

I have two articles on skincare if you want to check them out:

3. Nails

Going around with half bitten nails and cracked nailpolish is cheap. Be better than that. Get manicures, either done by yourself or at a salon, whatever rocks your boat. Take care of those hands, buy lotions, cuticule oil and own a manicure travel kit. Take it everyyqhere with you. File your nails everywhere, anywhere.

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4. Waxing

Get. Your. Eyebrows. DONE.
And get them done, not by anyone, but by someone great. Everyone stares at your face, it's inevitable. But its not just about getting them done, its about keeping them as they are. Do maintenance with tweezers to keep them nice, put vaseline on them (I swear this is an actual thing). Also, get other things waxed, not only your armpits (cause it makes everything so much easier) but also your privates, keeps them clean and there's almost no body hodor.

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5. Your body

Your body is yours and only yours, its your house and your home and you have to take good care of it. Join a gym, not to be skinny but to be healthy. Get a personal trainer, start yoga, do exercises at home. Eat smart, not less. Eat fresh food, less prepared foods. Healthy lifestyles aren't easy to achieve, but they're worth it.

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6. Your mind

Read everything you can find. Keep your mind busy, always solving puzzles. Read books, read magazines, read the paper, hell, read the back of labels on your clothes, just read. If you're in college, high school or whatever, work hard. Take online courses, or classes at your local college to keep you busy. Learn things, about everything and anything. Take every free class you can find, no matter what its about; wine-tasting, self defense, singing... Make yourself better, improve who you are.

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7. Clothes

Buy clothes that will take you places. Be professional, be smart. Take advantage of who you are. Pinpoint what's great about you and make it stand out. Great ass? Wear long tight dresses, pencil skirst. Big breasts? Show some cleavage, wear tight shirts. Great shape? Wear white shirts, black bra and tight jeans. Find something that you look good in, feel sexy, be sexy.

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8. Make up

Not everybody needs make up, but for those who do or who really like the way it makes them feel, here are the essentials every make up user should have: foundation, primer, setting powder, blush, highlighting and contouring powder, concealer, black gel liner, mascara, eyeshadow palette (neutral colors), brow pencil, nude lipliner and nude lipstick. This are the essentials every make-up lover should own in order to make their every day look. If you don't know how to make up, watch youtube tutorials or take a class, but don't just take your materials and do whatever you feel like to your face. Some products can give alergies if applied to the wrong area.

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Remember, this article isn't about pleasing men or following sexist behaviours, its about taking you where you want to go. Be that bussiness woman, be that girlboss, be that doctor. Show the world you can do all of these things and still have your eyebrows on fleek, long ass nails and stietto heels.
- Dahiandra