So like most of you, 2017 wasnt the best year i had. It was boring and sometimes made me feel stuck -which i hate feel that way- and i was always waiting something nice to happen so i feel like i couldnt live it to the fullest last year. I also got like zero new year resolutions done so..... I decided to hold my life's ropes in my own hands which im sure most of you want to do that as well. I feel like i just might started a chain reaction so im gonna tell you guys about it both to help you and just to fill the need to express myself.

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The lack of motivation in my life was like a black hole you cant see the end of. And it also happens to be the main reason of why i cant enjoy my life because even if i want to do sth i always preferred to just stay in, lay down, netflix and chill.

For myself i decided to start bulletjournaling. Both beacuse i love drawing and i thought it'll help me keep me in track of my actions, wishes, goals and stuff.
I can say it helps me a lot. I started doing squats just for the sake of filling my squat tracker's boxes.

Here's my collection on bulletjournaling incase you need some inspo: (i plan on writing an article on how to bujo too so stay tuned!)


If you wanna change your life, one-time wishes and actions wont do. You gotta stick to them, make them a part of your life. And to make that to happen you gotta set a routine.

What part of your life needs to be changed? Write it down, search for a solution.

For example i started:

  • meditating every morning -im a beginner so it just for 3 mins now but i'll increase it every week-
  • doing sports - at home, which i hate but still..-,
  • im working on increasing the amount of water i drink in a day.
  • Also im going to start a face-body care routine like the next new moon. (NEW MOONS ARE ALWAYS A GOOD TIME TO START!)
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Step out of your comfort zone:

I know comfort zones are comfortable -duh!- but its also your own purgatory where nothing new ever grows and you live the same day over and over and over....

  • you can get a new hobby
  • Make new friends
  • join a course (this may also help you make friends)
  • Whatever it is that you've been waiting to do 'till now but hold back because of some unconscious fear just take one little step. I promise it wont be as bad as you think. Besides no matter how awful it can end at least you wont be dead? And society has amnesia.
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and thats exactly my point.

This was my first article! Hope you guys liked it! Im planning on writing about my fave series (suggestions) and bujoing next! Bye!