Hey everyone,
Wether on my way to school, while I´m learing or when I´m bored, I always listen to music. It is a big part of my life and influences my mood.
I´m a big fan of so many kinds of music and of a lot of different artists. Like every 15 (soon 16 ) years old girl I have my faves.
In the following you´ll get to know my favourite artists and my favourite songs of them...

1. Shawn Mendes
-Bad Reputation
-Lights on
-I don´t even know your name

2.Madison Beer
-Say it to my face
-Something sweet

3.Camila Cabello
-Never be the same
-Something´s Gotta Give
-In the Dark

4. Aj Mitchell
-Used to be

5.Zara Larsson
-Lush Life
-So Good
-Ain´t my fault

These are currently my faves and so many more...
See you next Sunday.

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