Losing him broke my heart… once in a lifetime everything was alright. Someone was worried about me. Someone was there ... hugging me, encircling me with his arms, protecting me, was there whispering beautiful words, kissing me lovingly ... he was there. And I wished he was still here.

Once in a lifetime, he were mine. Well, I thought so. But I was wrong. He deceived me.

Oh, how it hurt to know he was with me, loving her. He used to tell me every day "I love you" "I love you more every day" and now I can't hide my tears. Empty words, without feeling. He said something so important without even feeling it.I feel a deep pain in my chest with all those memories ...

He loved the feeling of someone loving him. Because she did not love him back and he used me to hide the emptiness.
How can I miss someone I've never had? The hardest to do is watch the one you love, love someone else. He loves her! not me. This thing hurt bad, but I can't change this. I love him, but it isn't enough.
It was not enough for him to change, for him to think of me. It was not enough for him to forget her. But loving him was enough for me to be afraid of loving someone again.

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