Write about someone who inspires you

First of all don't expect me to upload an article a day eventhough i would absolutely love to do so, writingwise it would be possible since i wander around with millions of thougts everyday but i'm just absolutely and utterly horrible when it comes to commitment. So PLEASE! bare with me!

Second.. that question is close to impossible for me to answer.
There's so many people whom inspires me, everyday.
BUT i'll give it a try to list down a few for you.

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My mom
She have been a mom since the age of fifteen. FIFTEEN! She have always worked fulltime, taking care of my brother, me and my sister. A sister with special needs as young i might add. So she have had her hands full for YEARS but never complained onece. Strong and stubborn is her middlename!

These two people used to be my bosses along with Padawan. The girl i told you about who passed away righ before her twentieth birthday. They lost their child. BUT NEVER did they give up nor' before or after her death. They kept moving forward. EVERY single day with a pain i can't even imagine. That's not all They've been there for me EVERY DAY ever since. Now they're part of my family and i hope they always will be!

My Sister
As told above she have always had some special needs due to being born three months to early. Despite that, despite everything she is as stubborn as my mom and don't let that get to her. She's always moving forward, not afraid of exploring new things no matter what people may throw in her way She's truly one helluva wonderwoman

Meredith Grey
This one may be a little bit unexpected. No? But it's not less true. It's a character. She's not real. I KNOW But her spirit IS! Imagine being such a kickass woman. Who accepts the fact that she is a little bit wicked and a little bit broken and just turns it around to something good! Who's not afraid of being alone. Who's fine being alone. Who is strong as f#ck and not afraid of ANYTHING

So.. if i get to be and practice just a microportion of the awesomness these amazing people have. I'd be more than satisfied with myself! They are truly amazing.

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