If I could turn it off I would, but I let what people think get to me sometimes.

I should be able to eat what I want on my lunch break without getting upset about what people say.
I should be able to pick out an outfit on my own without needing and or worrying about what other people think I look like in it.
I should be able to do things for me but instead I do for others.
Over and over again.
I put other people firsts its something I don't know if it will completely go away.
I am a happy person but other people's moods and or comments get to me, not all the time but sometimes.
I feel I have been doing well recently not to care but today I was in a great mood and a couple of incidents have managed to weigh me down.
I talk about it to my family and they just say “you need to toughen up” or say to me “your too sensitive”. Which in turn makes me feel even worse.