Hello, hello, hello and welcome to this new article! I hope you're all fine and you had fun this weekend. Monday is on our way and that means that tomorrow, since we are students, we have to go at school. But the problem is what I should wear? I always struggle with finding the right clothes to wear. Sometimes I stay in front of my closet for even about 10 minutes doing nothing just looking my clothes! So I'll give you some ideas not to experience what I do every day. Enjoy!..

1. A classic pair of jeans and a sweater .

It's the most casual outfit you could wear in winter.

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2. A casual simple dress!

Don't hesitate to wear a dress at school. It's so girly!

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3. A skirt and a neutral color shirt.

Skirts may be not as comfortable as jeans but we need to wear skirts from time to time. We feel confident when we wear them.
It could be a jeans skirt or even fabric.... I wouldn't recommend you to wear a leather skirt, because it's for special occasions not for school.

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4. A tracksuit

It's an easy way to escape from looking for clothes in your closet. It's so comfortable too!

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5. Leggins, of course, and a hoodie.

It's as simple as the tracksuit, so comfortable, but more stylish.

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The next few ideas are dedicated to how to rock your outfit. They're some details that we don't usually pay attention.

6. Since it's winter, wear a scarf, gloves or beanies.

It's so cool wearing scarf or beany. They make you look cute.

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7. Jewellery

They're very important for your look. Every girl loves wearing jewellery and it doesn't matter if it's bracelets, earrings or rings. Just wear them!

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8. Shoes

Pay attention to your shoes. You have to wear the right shoes every single time! It changes your whole look. However, I'm sure that you all have sneakers and boots for winter. These are the most casual.

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9. Watch

I know it sounds weird, but a watch is a very small, but very very chic, detail. You should all add it to your outfits.

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10. Your jacket.

Last but not least is our jacket. We don't usually pay attention to our jackets. We often wear this one jacket, which is the main and we wer it every day indepedent of the rest of the outfit. I wanna say that if you have a coat or a leather jacket wear it! They're so stylish and elegant!

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That's it for today! Hope you liked it! Remember!: Life is too small, wear whatever you want! If you want, you can send me a postcard! Don't forget to check my account and my other articles! Until next time....... SEE YAAAAAAAA.....

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