Changing your Handwriting is a process. You might struggle, but chin up princess your crown is falling, don’t give up!
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➳ Thick Pen
➳ Lined Paper

Using Thick Smooth Pens make your Handwriting better. How? Unlike a pencil or ball point pen, a thick pen, allows you to glide it clearly.
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Desired Handwriting

Go on your favorite Instagram accounts, Pinterest, and find an image or two that has your desire Handwriting. Which is your Goal!
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Write in your normal Handwriting

Normally write the alphabet in lowercase and uppercase, cursive is optional. Then write, “ The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.” Which contains every letter of the alphabet
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Write in your desired handwriting

Look at your image, and try to replicate the writers handwriting, as best as you can. Take your time, learn from your mistakes!
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Yes, its cheezy, but it helps so much! Just take a glance at the handwriting you replicated, and write it over and over!
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The End!

Tysm Guys for reading. I hope this motivates you. This will be updated further on! I love you so much loves!

- ♡ Lizzy