i would like to share with you my step to start a beautiful morning :D

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I usually wake up around 8:00 am. The first thing that i do is grab my phone put some music and check social media. after 15 or 30 minutes i get up and start my exercise routine. i usually workout for 30 minutes doing stretching and pilates
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when i finish with my workout i jumb in the shower. and after that i start my skincare routine because it's really important from me.
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then i am going staight to the kitchen to make my breakfast. It's usually something healthy with a lot of protein and energy.
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when i am finished with my breakfast i am going back to my room light a candle because it's relaxing and get ready for the day. The most difficult thing for me it's to choose what to wear.
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then i do my makeup and find what accessories go with the look
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before i leave the house i make sure that i wear my favorite perfume

i hope you like it <3