This weekend I helped a friend of mine (a fellow female) to paint the walls in her room and when I came back home this sunday I felt the need in me to rearrange or at least clean and sort through my room to make it feel cosy again and make it look how I want it to.
And then I thought you know what this could be a great article. Or in general a great message to get out there. Because often times girls and women feel like they can't do certain things, e.g. paint a room or build furniture. But guess what

you totally CAN.
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If you are not sure what to do look it up on the internet or ask someone you are comfortable asking certain things you might not want to ask just anyone about. And some things are two-people-jobs so don't be afraid to ask someone for help as well! But don't just ask someone to do it for you but with you.

At times you might feel like this:

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But with every success you have, with everything you have accomplished you grow more and more until you are

a strong independent women who don't need no man!

I wrote this article with women who often feel too weak for something in mind. Like physically weak but obviously this is not only about hanging a shelf but also about going after your dreams and wishes. If you want to be a technician go for it. If you want to accomplish something go for it. If you want to get something tf done then go for it and fcking do it!

Nothing is holding you back except your own mind.
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