Alexei here. So im kinda new here and i thought of sharing my very amazing tips(you may thank me later), with you guys so that u feel smoother when it comes to beauty.
i hate the moment when i try to find new tips and trics but they are actually the same old ones so i ll tell you what i do and what really works for me.
I actually have straight hair for myself(both blessing and a curse) so i'll tell you what i do.
I love summer and the sea, and i actually spend a lot of time in the water, but i feel like my hair drys out when i wash it every day so since my hair is wet because of the sea, i rainse it with water and then i put my hair mask. i do this once in 2 days. so its like i shampoo it one day and than the other day i just put the mask, and its sooo good because this way your hair still smell so good but i have also seen that it doesn't burn easily from the sun.

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The best thing you can do is invest in a good hair oil. it should have a lightweight formula so your hair doesn't feel greasy. just apply a couple of drop(it depends on your hair length)

So if u have been blonde like me but now your hair is darker and u want your blond highlights back u can just wash your hair with chamomile tea and they will get lighter. You can also apply chamomile tea in your hair, stay in the sun for 30 mins and than rainse with water.

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So if u have short medium or long hair but you feel like growing them more, rosemary oil does wonders. You can mix it with coconut oil or olive oil and than just massage your scalp with it or keep it overnight and than wash your hair. just be careful if you are allergic to any of this products.

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Face and skin
Our skin is so important and the first step ti take care of it is by eating healthy. whatever u eat will be faced on your skin, so try not to eat lots of sugar or fats.
First of all, you have to know what type of skin do you have(you have probably heard so much for this so i'm just skipping it)
if u have a clear skin than god bless you, but if are like me and get acne sometimes on your face than welcome to the club!
I use Neutrogena acne wash, in the morning and in the night time. after this i wait for 5 mins for my pores to clog and put on Neutrogena moisturiser. I scrub my face once a week and i do a lighning mask twice a week before bed.

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Make up
I don't really use a lot of make up because i like to keep it simple. I just brush my eyebrow(put a little hairspray on the brush that i use and i brush them. this helps them stay in place if u don't have brow gel). And if u feel like filling them a bit u can just use eyeshadow as brow powder(don't forget to use the same shade as your brow) Than i curl my lashes and i put just a little bit of mascara on the tip of the lashes.

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I NEVER skip sunscreen, i use a very hydrating one so my face is hydrated and has a nice highlight on it. than i scrub my lips i put a bit of lip creme and than dab some lipstic on my finger , so i can give my lips a more natural look.
I hope this helps you guys. Arriverderci