Today I have to give up on you, today I must continue without you and the illusions that accompanied your memory I must throw em in the garbage, I do not deny it I loved you and I thought over and over again in all the ways to get you back but maybe I was not for you, maybe the love you dreamed so much was not in me, and I apologize for being stubborn, forgetful, and everything that could annoy you.

I apologize for making you lose time with an incorrect love, but I repeat, I loved you and although the stars told me you were not the right one I insisted because I felt in my heart that you were the one, I was sunk in dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin.

I was lost in my love for you, under layers and layers of personalities invented to please you, hidden mysteries of myself, I just wasn't me, because I did not know if you would like them and I tried so hard because I wanted to be for you.

I was lost in the illusion of love, lost in my idealization of you because I would never have wanted to change anything in you, I preferred to change myself because I am insecure I admit it, an insecure and lost girl with a constant desire to be loved by a stranger, although in my circle love surrounds me.

I failed you in our love because I was never honest with you about how I really was, and then there she was authentic and confident, everything that you wanted, "you tried" you said but you chose her, and I stayed buried in different layers of myself with a broken heart barely throbbing whispering that everything would be fine, that soon I would come out of that hole.

And for all that, today I write this letter as a last goodbye to your memory, goodbye to you and your thought, goodbye to all my dreams with you, goodbye to my unrequited love