Here are some of my favorite movies EVER!

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The perks of being a wallflower

I've watched this movie a long time ago, but everything about this movie is amazing! I love the characters, the soundtrack and just the story line! Emma Watson is also a part of this movie with makes it only cooler! Because of this movie I discovered so many new songs!

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Everyone knows this movie right? Every time I watch this movie I start crying because it's so GOOD! And omg Leonardo is so freaking handsome in this movie I can't, his hair is amazing, I'm just in love with him okay?!

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Harry Potter

Okay, guys I really i'm like one of the biggest potter heads in this entire world! I've watched all the movies like 109389749465 times! I really can't choose which movie is my favorite, I just love all of them!

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The fault in our stars

Last week I've watched this movie again, and omg yes I'm obsessed with it! August and Hazel are amazing and their story just make my cry! I also really like it when they go to Amsterdam and how much they enjoyed it their! I live in Amsterdam so in some way I'm just proud or something because one of my favorite movies is filmed in my hometown!

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Everything Everything

AMAZING story, and the vibes this movie gave me is just insane! I love the characters so much!

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