Hi guys, i'm so excited for this post. I'm sorry that i didn't write an article in a while, but I had some wall between my thoughts and and writting. But i feel really good now and I'm back and better than before.


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So let's begin with those hacks for better studying


I know it doesn't sound how i wanted, but i just didn't know how to named it. I mean that you can study hours and hours, so there are apps that can help you with timing your studiyng. It's really important to have breaks between your studying this app is really good and helped me a lot.


Soo, I know that's hack that you see almost everywhere and you're going to jump over this hack, but trust me it's one of the most effective hack you can use. However if you want to use this hack it's good to do your falshcards two days before test, because you will spend so much time doing them.

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I hope you will try this one, it's reaaally helpfull.

So first thing is blue pencil.... we all now this from little kids... but when you get older you use ballpoint and often it's in black. But did you know that for a brain it's more effective blue on a paper than black? Yes it's true.

But if it's not helping you, you can choose some other colours and try it. For me it's helping only in some subjects so good thing is also HILIGHTING key words.

But remember DON'T HIGHLIGHT EVERYTHING. In highighting I have one rule and it's, don't have only one colour , use as much colours as you have. For brain it's more effective if it see more colours in different words

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I actually have to say that this one is for me the best of all the hacks. This helps me in almost all situations, but it's having one problem you have to make time to do a memory map. In this one you have so many opinions how to do this you can use pictures or words or anything else .

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So we are in final hack. And this one is really important after all the work i think we all can treat ourselfs really good. You can get a nice shower or bath, eatch some good serial (Girls Meets World) or movies (The Thinning), eat some fruits or sweets, listen good music, read some good magazine or book and for the final write some article or post something.

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So I hope I will see ya all with my next article you can also contact me on Instagram if I should do everyday some actualities on Instagram story or do everyday article challenge

I loove you,
stay positive and happy,