Baby, watch your mouth, it come back around
Once upon a time, we learned how to fly
Go look at your mirror, same damn clothes
You know how I feel, (turn up)
How many hours do we fly?
I keep on dreamin' on the cloud
Yeah, I'm on the mountain, yeah, I'm on the bay (pop)
Everyday we vibin', mic drop, baam
Hey cuties! If you are a kpop lover and a fashion addict like me, you are gonna love these new article series. All the looks on these articles will be inspired by a korean music video. So the first one is dedicated to BTS~Mic Drop since it was the one that inspired me to start these series!
🎤 LOOK #1
gif, v, and bts image
bts, jin, and v image bts, vkook, and taekook image
fashion, black, and leather image
fashion, girl, and streetstyle image fashion, style, and travel image converse, white, and black image girl image
Leather Jacket | Oversized Graphic Tee | Black Jogging Trousers | Black Converse | Bandana
One of the key elements in their video is the alternative rock/hip hop style. A black leather jacket is a must for this look. To achieve that alternative rock vibe go for an oversized graphic tee and jogging trousers. Accessorize your outfit with a bandana on your hair or at your neck.
🎤 LOOK #2
gif image
bts, jungkook, and jimin image Image by //🎨ꜜI'm Iffy.
fashion, green, and vans image
girl, fashion, and green image accessories, fashion blogger, and gold jewelry image
nike, shoes, and white image fashion, style, and outfit image
Bomper | Olive Green or Camo Oversized Sweater | Jogging Trousers | Nike Shoes | Bandana
Bompers, olive green and camo clothes have their own moment on their video. So for this look, you can go either for an olive or camo bomper jacket and a black sweater or the opposite. Choose oversized clothes to achieve an even more similar look!
🎤 LOOK #3
gif, bts, and v image
bts, jin, and kpop image bts image
chic, fashion, and stylish image
red image classy, tee, and fashion image fashion, vans, and style image red image
Red Jogging Trousers | Red Hoodie | Oversized White Tee | Vans Old Skool
Red was a huge trend this year and they rocked it like no other. They showed us a perfect way of how to wear a total red look. An oversized red bold sportswear set gives that effortless style but still makes you stand out! To break the monochrome look you can wear a white oversized tee underneath and let it loose and black old skool vans.
🎤 LOOK #4
gif, bts, and v image
bts, suga, and min yoongi image Image removed
fashion, gucci, and white image
fashion, style, and outfit image chanel, fashion, and red image fashion, shoes, and boots image fashion image
White Jeans or Jogging Trousers | White Hoodie | Red Boots | Red Bag
Another outfit that stood out for me was the total white look paired with red accessories so as to pop up a splash of color. Give your outfit an edge by going for red bold accessories such as a pair of shoes, purse, bandana, belt or you can even wear a red jacket.

That's it for today's article. Let me know if you have any kpop groups or songs recommendations for those series. As always feel free to send me a message or a postcard. See ya soon xixixi

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