Hey, welcome to another article. [ This is going to be a long one, but I will try not to repeat things and make a clear point, hope you'll read it till the end. ]
Yes, this article is going to be about women and no, i won't repeat word ' feminist ' all over again. Because lately, I see that people, girls, take empowerment in kind-of wrong way? I don't know, i just feel different vibes coming from females and i wanted to adress that and say my opinion about it.

'In group settings, men are 75% more likely to speak up than women and when a woman does speak up, it's statistically probable her male counterparts will either interrupt her or speak over her. It's not because they're rude. It's science. The female voice is scientifically proven to be more difficult for a male brain to register. What does this mean? It means in this world where men are bigger, stronger, faster, if you're not ready to fight, the silence will kill you.'

Females are strong as hell.
Growing up, I've heard so much from my dad and from women around me, for example, from teachers that ''I am smart. yes, I am educated, but I won't success as much, because I am a girl. Because boys are smarter than me. Because boys are more capable of doing things. Boys are fast, they think quick, they can do anything super easily, whereas it takes time for women to do that. Yes, I might be smart but I have to choose a profession more ..'feminine'.''

Women around me are strong. Women around me have gone through physical and verbal abuse. Women around me were always scared to speak up because that is how we were raised- we had to be quiet, and take everyone's crap, and say nothing. It has been going for so long where females advice for other females become '' just take it and be quiet. don't do or say anything about it.''

Being in elementary school I've heard kids joking and teasing other boys, calling them ''girl'' and if you wanted to laugh at your boy classmate you'd say ''oh you fight like a girl haha'' and that person would get sad and angry and you know, we've all seen a moment like this.

Females that I know..They are smart. fierce. fighters. patient.
One time I told my teacher that I wanted my husband to be a surgeon just like me and she said '' no, no matter how good you will be, you'll always be a shadow of your husband'' and I was shocked. I was shocked not because that it was said, no it's being said all the time but I was shocked because it was coming out from very successful and smart woman's mouth.

Sometimes, it takes balls to be a woman. You have to go through hell and back and still rise up, still stand strong. No matter how hard night you've had, you HAVE TO get up in the morning, forget that you've been abused and go make breakfast for your kids with a smiley face. Then you have to clean house, cook meal in hopes that people will like it, or either way you will have to take their complains. Oh, also you don't have to complain, because then others will say'' ahhh those women, all they do is complain and worry about clothes and looks''.

I've had seen moments where people don't take women as humans, they take as objects who is constantly owned by someone. First, when you're little you're owned by your dad, then your husband, it's like its 21st century where girls became slaves.

Recently, when I went to church to talk to confessor, i told him how much i wanted to become a surgeon and how this thought made me happy and he said it'd be hard, but then i said 'nothing worth having is easy, it's hard but it is not impossible, right?' and he nodded, smiled and patted my shoulder and honestly, i've never felt more supported and loved, ever in my life.

In conclusion, I think, you don't have to take crap from anyone. Yes, you have to be patient. Not because you are a woman, but because you are a person. You are a human. Sometimes, you have to be patient, you have to know when to speak up, and you have to know when people are being pointless and you just have to walk away because you can't just fight with everyone and get down to their level.
All I am saying that, fighting like a girl is hard. it is harder than you can imagine. I am not saying by this that boys or men are bad, just because I've had troubled past with them it does not give me right to think about them like they are all the same, and I know it.

What I want every young girl reading this, and even my self to remember is that you, just like everyone in this world, are capable of every good thing that a human being can do. You can be anything that you want to be. You can be journalist, a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer, you can work in police station, you can be a chief, you can have a restaurant, you can be professor or own a hotel; you can be a writer or a director or you can own a big garden, full of flowers and trees. You can be anything and everything you dream to be; just make sure you are a good one.

My mum told me once 'you're gonna fall hundres of times, and every time it will hurt more, you're always gonna fall but make sure that everytime you get up, you get up stronger.' - so please, have some fire, be unstoppable, be a force of nature. be better than anyone else, not because you want to stand above all and look down at others, but because you want to be great, you want to feel that glory that comes from hard work, that is how you become legendary.

You. are. strong. You are strong because you take so much crap, you are strong because whenever you can give up and cry about it, you get up and try harder. You are strong because you might be sick, ill, you might have a disorder or a disease but you still have goals and you work hard to achieve them, it takes strength, it takes so so much strength to be sick and still face every dang problem that world throws at you. You have to be strong, because you only freaking live once. You won't get any better chance to fight than this exact moment.

You are sad, and tired, and sick of trying but you have a mountain to climb, you have to get to the top and then teach others how to do that better than you, because only we can do that. only freaking superheroes.