❣️ this is a list of different romance movies based on my personal opinion and its in random ranking enjoy ❣️

1. when harry met sally ❣️

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------------------------------------------------------------ In 1977, college graduates Harry Burns and Sally Albright share a contentious car ride from Chicago to New York, during which they argue about whether men and women can ever truly be strictly platonic friends. years later, Harry and Sally meet again at a bookstore, and attempt to stay friends without sex becoming an issue between them.

2. the age of adaline ❣️

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------------------------------------------------------------ After remaining 29 years old for almost eight decades, Adaline has lived a solitary existence, never allowing herself to get close to anyone who might reveal her secret. But a chance encounter with charismatic philanthropist Ellis Jones reignites her passion for life and romance. When a weekend with his parents threatens to uncover the truth, Adaline makes a decision that will change her life forever.
blake lively, the age of adaline, and film image

3. stardust ❣️

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------------------------------------------------------------ The passage from this world to the fantasy kingdom of Stormhold is through a breach in a wall . Tristan a boy ventures through the breach in the wall in pursuit of a fallen star, to prove his love for the village beauty. The star is no lump of rock, it's a girl, Yvaine. Trista, is not the only one looking for her: three witches want her heart to make them young; and, the sons of the dead king of Stormhold want her because she holds a ruby that will give one of them title to the throne. Assisting Tristan are his mother, the victim of a spell, and a cross-dressing pirate of the skies

4. sabrina ❣️

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------------------------------------------------------------ Linus and David Larrabee are the two sons of a very wealthy family. Linus is all work with no time for a wife and family. David is all play spending all his time entertaining, and having been married and divorced three times. Sabrina Fairchild is the young, shy, and awkward daughter of the household chauffeur, who has been infatuated with David all her life, but whom David hardly notices till she goes away to Paris for two years and returns an elegant, sophisticated, beautiful woman. Suddenly, she finds she's captured David's attention, but just as she does so, she finds herself also falling in love with Linus.

5. french kiss ❣️

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------------------------------------------------------------ A woman flies to France to confront her straying fiancé, but gets into trouble when the charming crook seated next to her uses her for smuggling.

6. 13 going on 30 ❣️

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------------------------------------------------------------- After total humiliation at her thirteenth birthday party A girl makes a wish , and wakes up the next day as a thirty-year-old woman with every thing she wanted The only one that she needs is her childhood best friend, Matt. But when she finds him, he's a grown up, and not the same person that she knew

7.beyond the lights ❣️

movie, gugu mbatha-raw, and nate parker image african american, care, and chocolate image
------------------------------------------------------------ Noni is a hot new artist the pressures of success compel her to nearly end her life. She is saved by a young police officer, Kaz , who has political ambitions. Drawn to each other, Noni and Kaz fall fast and hard, despite the protests of those around them who urge them to put their career ambitions ahead of their romance.

8. the vow ❣️

channing tatum, nicholas sparks, and drama image gif, movie, and the vow image
------------------------------------------------------------- A car accident puts Paige in a coma, and when she wakes up with severe memory loss, her husband Leo works to win her heart again.

9. think like a man ❣️

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------------------------------------------------------------ For one reason or another, friends Dominic , Jeremy , Michael and Zeke just can't seem to seal the deal with the women in their lives. When their lovely ladies buy a book by comic Steve Harvey and start to apply its advice to their relationships, this band of brothers gets all shook up. Learning that they have been betrayed by one of their own, Dominic and his friends conspire to use the book's teachings to turn the tables.

10. drive me crazy ❣️

Adrian Grenier, movie, and melissa joan hart image Adrian Grenier, gif, and melissa joan hart image
------------------------------------------------------------ Nicole and Chase live next door to each other but are worlds apart. However, they plot a scheme to date each other in order to attract the interest and jealousy of their respective romantic prey. But in the mist of planning a gala centennial celebration, Nicole and Chase find that the one they always wanted was closer than they ever thought.

11. pride and prejudice ❣️

pride and prejudice, keira knightley, and movie image gif, mr darcy, and pride and prejudice image
------------------------------------------------------------ Sparks fly when spirited ,sarcastic, somewhat stubborn Elizabeth Bennet meets single, rich, and proud Mr. Darcy. But Mr. Darcy reluctantly finds himself falling in love with a woman beneath his class. Can each overcome their own pride and prejudice?

12. focus ❣️

focus, movie, and rodrigo santoro image focus, gif, and movie image
------------------------------------------------------------ Nicky Spurgeon is an extremely accomplished con man who takes an amateur con artist, Jess, under his wing. Nicky and Jess become romantically involved, and with Nicky's profession of being a liar and a cheater for a living, he realizes that deception and love are things that don't go together. They split, only to see each other three years later... And things get messy.

13. magic in the moonlight ❣️

Colin Firth, film, and woody allen image Colin Firth, emma stone, and magic in the moonlight image
------------------------------------------------------------ In the 1920s, magician Stanley Crawford arrogant as he is talented, Stanley despises claims by phony spiritualists that they can perform real magic. At the behest of his friend, Stanley travels to the mansion of the Catledge family to expose a young medium named Sophie. However, Stanley is left surprised and shaken by evidence that Sophie's gifts may be real.

14. the ugly truth ❣️

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------------------------------------------------------------ A lovelorn TV producer who, despite a long and arduous search for the perfect mate, is hopelessly single is reluctantly embroiled in a series of outrageous tests by her opinionated correspondent to prove his theories on relationships and help her find love. His clever ploys, however, lead to an unexpected result.