Hey, dear waiter.

Thank you for being there, with your green eyes behind those rounded glasses, smiling to everyone, nicer than anyone.

You're always there, wearing tee-shirts of bands that no one knows about. Changing your hair color so much that I can't even remember what is your real hair color. Serving the clients with your unconditional kindness.

You never fail to bring me my cappuccino with a shy air, because you're worrying about disturbing me. I'm not really doing anything on my computer you know.

You're making my days a little bit brighter, just by handing me my favorite drink with gentleness. I love how you look at me with curiosity when I take pictures of the place, or when I suddenly laugh because I'm watching something funny.

Will you ever come to talk to me ? You know I love our smile exchanges, when our eyes meet and the way you ask me what I'd like today (even tho you perfectly know that by now). But what if you leave someday, and I never had the chance to tell you what I want ?

You're my ray of sun, coming through the darkest clouds of my days.

You're so cute with your boyfriend.

Thank you for making sure you're the one serving me every time.

Thank you.

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