Hello @ everyone reading this. I hope you are heaving a great day & of course first of all: Thank you for reading this article.
A few days ago I finally decided to start writing articles on WHI. But being honest I didn't really know what to write about. Because I'm a huge fangirl & trash for numerous TV-shows, books & movies I deciceded to start with some Tags for specific fandoms. I've already written a Harry Potter-Tag, just in case you might be interested...:)

Anyway, this Tag is going to be all about SKAM. Skam is a TV-Show from Norway and deals with the daily lifes of the pupils at a school in Oslo. There are 4 seasons with 4 protagonists (each season has it's own protagonist). I discovered the show via YouTube. I stumbled over a fanvideo of Eva and Chris and got very interested in them.

This Tag contains a lot of questions that I've seen in other Tags before but also questions that I thought would be interesting to think about.

Let's start! :)

1. Favourite Season
My favourite season is defenitely the first season. I like how it all started & how the girls met each other for the first time. Eva is a great & (in my opinion) quite underrated character. Sometimes she just seems to be forgotton because everyone fancies Noora, Isak & Sana. I'm not saying that those 3 characters aren't amazing & inspiring but I just love Eva's story about her feelings towards her boyfriend Jonas. The message of the season is incredibely strong and very important for me because I can relate to Eva a lot. You should never put someone else's opinion/feelings over your own! It's important that you feel good about yourself and you can do whatever you would like to do. It's your choice-if someone is talking shit-don't listen! My favourite scene in the season is the dick in the air scene. Every Skam-Fan probably knows which scene I refer to. :)

skam, noora, and eva image

2. Favourite Female Character
Well, I think based on the first question everyone could notice that Eva is defenitely one of my favourite characters. She is probably also my favourite character in the whole show. But apart from Eva I'm also a huge fan of Noora & Vilde. Noora is a very strong & independant girl. I admire her a lot. She also has such a great taste in clothing- I would really love to own her wardrobe. Noora's quotes are also the most motivating and inspiring in the show. Noora is the one who got me to wear more lipstick... Vilde on the other side is one of the characters I relate the most. She actually is me in so many things. She seems to be so insecure about herself sometimes & acts quite naive. She hasn't really figured out yet who she really is (just like Eva) & that really gives me the power to never give up becasue society always tells you that you need to know who you are. Honestly-that's absolute bullshit.

skam, noora, and vilde image

3. Favourite Male Character
It's probably a toss between Isak and Magnus. Isak actually was one of the characters I didn't like as much as the most other characters because of his behaviour in the first seasons. Eva was/is one of his best friends and he really treated her very bad while she just needed a friend. He actually made her whole situation much worse. But I started to like him when he got his own season. And I didn't start to like him just beacause of his relationship to Even (I actually don't like Even that much). We got to know so much more about Isak in season 3. About his friends-about his family. I love how sassy Isak can be-he actually is one of the most fun characters to watch. He has great friends that always support him, even though he is not treating them that good most of the times. Magnus is a cutiepie. He is so desperate for love and a very, very loyal person. Sometimes he seems to be a little insensitive or even quite stupid but it turns out that he is great at giving advice. I'm a big fan of his relationship with Vilde because he really gives her all of the support that she needs.

Image by DANI

4. Favourite Group
My favourite group of friends is the Girls Squad (Eva, Noora, Vilde, Chris & Sana). It amazes me how they got so close in such a short time. They didn't know each other at all when they started their bus and they are all so different from each other. It doesn't matter in which situation they are but they always supporting each other. Actually I'm very jealous on the. I also want a Squad like theirs...(that sounds like I have no friends haha-I have great friends & I love them)

5. OTP
I actually have a small list of OTPs...
-Chriseva: Yes. Penetrator Chris & Eva. Please don't hate me. But they were the reason I discovered SKAM & they would really be a cute couple. They have a great chemistry. I believe that Chris could actually change for Eva-I think that could be seen in his own clip in the last episode of season 4. He looked so desperate to be Eva's boyfriend. (We won't talk about the thing with Emma...) They will always stay my #1 OTP in SKAM.
-SanaxYousef: Do they have a ship name? Is it Yousana? I'm not quite sure...Anyway, I don't want to write a lot about them because they are undeniable the purest couple. They really belong to each other and I hope that they will be happy with each other.
-Nooreva: I'm trash for Noora and Eva. William? Who? Season 1 started off so good and they really had potential but we all know that it went in a different direction...sadly
-VildexMagnus: Cuties. I've listed some of the reasons already in the questions above so I think I don't need to talk about them again. :)

6. Favourite Friendship
Jonas and Isak. Jonas is so loyal and helpful. Honestly, what would Isak have done without his support and loyality. Whatever happens Jonas is there for Isak to talk or even just to listen. He isn't criticizing Isak because of his fears and feelings and that's excactly what a best friend is supposed to do.

skam, jonas, and isak image

7. Favourite Side Character
Eskild, Linn & Iben. I probably don't really need to explain why I like Eskild. He is a very positive human being and very honest. Linn is quite cool. I know she is suffering because of a depression but I still like her attidute. I believe she totally would have deseverd her own season. Iben might be a weird choice but I actually really liked her in season 1. She is just a girl that wants to be loved. Her relationship to Eva also had a lot of potential.

8. Favourite Quote
Everyone you know is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.
Fear spreads. But fortunately, love does too.
Your opinion meant more than my own and that's not how it should be.

9. Favourite Location
The school. Hartvig-Nissen is such a beautiful school, I wish I could go there! I love the way the building looks like. It's kind of aesthetically pleasing. Most of my favourite scenes took place in the school so I love the school very much.

10. Most stylish character
Eva & Noora. I don't think I even need to find a good reason for this answer. They always look good and their clothes are very cool, trendy and totally fitting the mood of the show.