I wanted to create article about this long time ago and i FINALLY did it. These are songs, who gives me feels, mostly sad. Even if i'm happy, i listen these songs, because i like their vibe. Enjoy. :)

Nicki Minay - Grand Piano

aesthetic, colors, and Grand Piano image piano, music, and steinway image heart, sad, and quotes image Grand Piano and nicki minaj image
,,The people are saying that you have been playing my heart like a grand piano...''

Coldplay - The Scientist

coldplay, music, and the scientist image coldplay, grunge, and magic image coldplay, the scientist, and Lyrics image Image by BrokenBones
,,Come up to meet you, tell you I'm sorry you don't know how lovely you are...''

Lia Marie Johnson - DNA

Image removed Image removed DNA, music, and lia marie johnson image DNA, Lyrics, and music image
,,Hate to say hello 'cause i know that it means goodbye...''

Oh Wonder - White Blood

Lyrics, music, and oh wonder image oh wonder image quotes, forget, and come back image hands, art, and drawing image
,,Said you'd always be my white blood...''

Oh Wonder - All We Do

band, bands, and Lyrics image all, do, and fade image listen, music, and all we do image amazing, blue, and concert image
,,All we do is think about the feelings that we hide...''

Thank you! Next part will be soon :)

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