Well well well. What have we got here?
Tarte cosmetics told us via twitter, a few weeks ago, that they would be realising the new shape tape foundation! I mean, how amazing does that sound right?!
In 2017 Tartes shape tape concealer was the number one concealer IN THE WORLD! That my friends is a big deal. There are 100s of options out there yet we all seem to of fallen in love with shape tape.

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Tarte shape tape concealer.

Tarte then revelled on twitter that soon there would be a new shape tape foundation! How amazing does that product sound?! At this point the whole world is so hyped for this new foundation and we cant wait.... but then tartes Instagram page posts this photo.

makeup image
Tarte shape tape foundation swatches.

It was all down hill from here on out.
Look at the shades.... notice anything MASSIVELY unacceptable. Yep that's right they have just premiered there new film fifty shades of beige. There are 15 shades totals and 13 OF THEM ARE NEARLY THE SAME.
What this means is if you are white then you should be able to find your perfect shade, you know with all of the options, yet, if you are a women of colour then you can only be one of 2 colours because there are no skin tones in between apparently.
ARG it just annoys me that we have got to 2018 and things are STILL better for white people. I remember when you would walk into boots or Superdrug and there would be NO options for anyone that wasn't white. I thought we had come so far with the 40 shades from fenty beauty and L'Oréal Paris saying "Now matches 98% of UK skin tones
28 stories behind 28 shades. Write yours." This is the attitude all cosmetic company's should have. I am honestly horrified with this. ITS 2018 PEOPLE!
Tarte have come out and apologised and said they will soon be releasing another 10 shades and they didn't release them all at once because of how much it would cost. You are the owners of the worlds number one concealer that sells for $28 each and your trying to tell me you didn't have the money?! And even if you didn't then you wait till you do because it is shameful and, you know what I'm gonna say it, RACIST that you expect people with coloured skin to wait longer.
Ok rant over but seriously this is a issue the makeup industry has had for years and it needs to stop. Yes I know that this article wont make a difference but if we all speak up then our voice becomes much louder.

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